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        If you browse through the sound and video recordings of three of Ireland's top entertainers namely Daniel O'Donnell, Nathan Carter and Sir Van Morrison, there is one name that appears in the credits of all of these.

       That name is Crawford Bell, a Belfast born singer, songwriter, guitarist and trumpet player whose talents have been put to good use by these and many more of the top entertainers in Ireland.

       Crawford has through the years, often put his own diary on hold to go working for Ireland's star names.

       His talents as a backing vocalist and musician are still very much in demand but these days Crawford is devoting more of his time to his own recordings and appearances.

       He has appeared as a headline act in concert halls and other venues throughout the country and as far as Scotland, England, Europe, America and Canada.

      Whether in his own right or as part of the shows of the aforementioned artists, his music has taken him to clubs, pubs, churches, concert halls, open air Jamborees, radio, television & recording studios, everywhere from Canada to Carryduff, from Seattle to Sion Mills and from Nashville to Newtownards.

      We at Rusty Spur Recordings & Promotions will be proud to book Crawford  into your venue or locality.

                For further information or bookings contact us on +447703 328855  or  email



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